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Startalk with Arielle Guttman and Alan Oken at the Longevity Cafe, April 2002

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Here is the Exciting Event we’ve planned for you This Week!

Friday, May 7 at 7 PM: Tree of Life with Dr. Ronald Downey.

Tree of Life: Profound Healing of the Life Breath.

The Tree of Life Healing produces wholeness through the restoral of Breath. The Human Being breathes a multitude of Breaths. Where the Breath is held, dis-ease will follow. Restore the Breath and we Restore health. Proven dramatically effective with any disorder including: Autism, Learning Disabilities, Diabetes, Cancer, MS, Parkinsons, Downs Syndrome, and many others, the Tree of Life Healing is simple and profound. See for more information.

Saturday, May 8 from 4 PM – 6 PM: Art Opening: “The Squaring of the Circle”, by Deborah Gavel.

Join us for Longevities free hors d’oeuvres, tea and life music at Deborah’s opening.

What is the source and mystery of our existence? Each of Deborah’s paintings is like a prayer and an incantation, which brought together, forms the circle of support; a mandala, the wheel of life. Not only does each painting represent a particular energy to be bestowed upon the viewer, such as “Beauty”, “Humor”, “Compassion”, but also an invitation for the viewer to participate and bring forth that vibration from one’s life. Oil paint and beeswax on canvas.