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Zen Alarm Clock
The Zen Alarm Clock makes waking up a beautiful experience with its gentle and enchanting chimes. Once you use a Zen Alarm Clock, nothing else will do. During the Zen Alarm Clock's progressive awakening, you can work on dreams and affirmations in the Alpha State. The Zen Alarm Clock allows you to time and guide meditations, and it's also a gentle way to start or end meetings on time. Each Clock comes with a 40 page book detailing its many uses and its harmonic design.
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$ 99

Beautiful Bamboo Chime
Use as a dinner chime, on your desk, bookshelf, or on the wall. The bamboo's cavity serves to amplify the tone of the chime. Available in 2 sizes: a 13" E tone, and a 10" B tone. The striker fits into ahole at the top of the bamboo. Click on image to enlarge.
$ 24.95

Antique Chinese Lantern
Fully functional antique Chinese silk lantern. 12 to 14 inches high and approximately 5 inches wide.
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$ 65
Antique Chinese Food Container
Ming style lunch box, carefully restored and fully functional. Approximately 10 " diameter and 18" high.
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$ 79.95

Aromatherapy fountain from Germany with a waterpump specifically designed for essential oils. Effectively scents up to 500 sq.ft and is very easy to set up and operate. A very popular item. Visual, auditory, and olfactory stimulation, all in one. 8.25" by 6.5" White, blue, or black.
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$ 89.95