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Feng Shui Bath Collection
A truly enchanting bathing experience. The Feng Shui Bath Collection re-awakens ancient recipes to enhance and balance our modern lifestyle. Choose from five specially formulated blends of exotic oils and mineral salts that are corresponding in their energetic action to the Five Elements of Oriental Medicine.
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27 oz
Premium Bar Soaps by Vermont Soapworks +++simply the best+++
All our supermild bar soaps are made from a hypoallergenic vegetable base of Palm, Coconut and Olive oils. Natural aromatherapy, essential oils and botanical extracts are used to alter the effects of this moisturizing soapbase on your skin. Our products are free of artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives. No animal products (except honey soap), animal by-products or testing. All products are facial quality and 100% guaranteed.
+++Oats and Aloe (unscented), Oatmeal Lavender, Honey and Cornmeal, Citrus Sunrise, Lemongrass, Rose & Geranium, Rosemary, Cinnamon Spice, Aloe & Tea Tree, Morning Mint+++
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3.5 oz
$ 4.50
Aloe Castile Liquid Soaps
These are saponified (soap based) foaming liquids made from coconut and olive oils, essential oils, aloe vera and rosemary extract. We believe it to be the mildest castile soap formula available anywhere! Aloe Castile Liquid Soapsare free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, animal products, byproducts and testing. Our liquid soaps are used as hand and bodywash, oily hair shampoo and for general purpose cleaning.
+++Available in Sweet Orange and Country Lavender.+++
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16 oz
$ 5.95
Fairy Dust Bath Salts
Sprinkle Fairy Dust into an ordinary drawn bath and POOF! Turn it into aromatherapeutic sparkling water that softens and soothes the mind and body. Ingredients: Baking soda, sea salt, citric acid, essential oils.
Calming Lavender Fairy Dust - PMS Relief Fairy Dust - Muscle Ache Fairy Dust - Sensual Healing Fairy Dust - Cold Buster Fairy Dust,
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Artemisia Lavender Salt Scrub
Calendula flowers, Lavender flowers soaked in olive and apricot kernel oil, sea salt and lavender essential oil.
Artemisia Sweet Surrender Bath Salts
Green Tea, Kelp, Dulce, Epsom Salt, Frankincense and Lavender essential oil.
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$ 19.95

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