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Our honeys are absolutely exceptional and very popular with our customers.
We either make them ourselves or we are importing the best products available.

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+++exceptional+++ Honeys +++medicinal+++

New Zealand Manuka Honey
Sourced from New Zealand’s remote, pollution- free native forests, and world- renowned for it’s unique antibacterial properties. Studies at Waikato University have identified a very strong antibacterial property called "UMF™", which is only present in some Manuka Honey produced in New Zealand, making it unique amongst the honeys of the world.
1.1 lb
$ 12
New Zealand Actiflex Bee Venom Honey +++very effective+++
Along with Bee Venom, Comvita Actiflex Plus® adds two other natural ingredients. Honey, has been used for good health and healing as far back as history extends and few honeys, if any, match the remarkable properties of pure New Zealand Manuka Honey. Ginger, too has well recognised benefits for joints and limbs. So altogether, it's a powerful, natural combination for smooth, trouble-free, easy movement.
Sadly, not everyone can take Comvita Actiflex Plus®. Don't use it if you suffer from bee sting allergy, uncompensated allergies, cardiovascular conditions, open tuberculosis, insulin dependent diabetes or use beta-blockers. We also advise you seek medical advice before using Actiflex Plus® for immuno therapy.
1.1 lb
$ 25
New Zealand Beechwood Honey:
Comvita Beechwood Honeydew is sourced from the native Mountain Beech forests of New Zealand’s picturesque South Island. These Beech trees produce a flow of dark, aromatic sap that honey bees collect and turn into a rich, flavoursome honey that remains naturally liquid. Comvita Beechwood Honeydew is New Zealand’s very own answer to maple syrup. Not only does Comvita Beechwood Honeydew taste great, it’s also great for you! Honeydew honey is rich in oligosacchrides, known to maintain and enhance the body’s digestive system. Comvita Beechwood Honeydew is a remarkable "functional food" that has earned a special place amongst the honeys of world.
1.1 lb
$ 9
Artemisia Native American Herbal Honey
Local High Desert Honey infused with organic flowers or wild gathered herbs. Available with: Lavender, Osha root, Sacred Basil, or White Sage
8 oz
$ 9