Healthy Treats

Longevity Pies (per slice)
organic flour, enriched with powerful herbs, lightly sweetened with honey or raw
cane crystals.A la mode with all natural ice cream or rice dream add $ 1.00

Ginseng Chai Pumpkin Pie
Whole and healthy, made with honey, and five different Ginsengs $ 3.25

Ginger Gingko Apple Pie
Fresh and invigorating, memory booster $ 3.25

Wolfberry Cherry Pie (Vegan)
Deeply nourishing, tonifies essence and blood $ 3.25

Magic Blackberry Pie (Vegan)

Loaded with 17 concentrated green superfoods $ 3.25

Apple Cranberry Palmetto Pie
Stimulating the lower Chakra and romancing the palate $ 3.25

Radical Blueberry Blaster Tartelettes
Delicious and loaded with anti-oxidants (grapeseed & elderberry) $ 3.25

Carrot Cake
High in Beta Carotine, outstandingly delicious $ 3.95

Imported Dark Belgian Chocolate Cake ! ! ! $ 3.95

Tea Breads
Please see display for daily selection $ 1.80

Vegan Muffins
Please see display for daily selection $ 2.25